Speed Bumps Episode 13

Termsoup: Created for Translators by a Translator — with Joanne Chou Our passions can lead us anywhere we let them take us. Join us in this episode of ROAR as the co-founder of a computer-assisted translation software Termsoup Joanne Chou takes us through her journey from a translator to an entrepreneur. She will share how … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 12

Localization Career Transition: From A Translator to A Business Development Manager – with Ann Chen Have you thought about exploring more career opportunities in the localization industry? Ann Chen, the business development manager at BLEND—a language service provider, is responsible for maintaining a positive relationship with clients and actively seeking out potential new clients. Throughout … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 11

Transformation from School to Work – with Sachi Salehi Welcome back to ROAR: Speed Bumps—a podcast produced by the Middlebury Institute’s Translation and Localization Management Program, bringing together global voices from the Localization industry. In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Sachi Salehi, a recent graduate of MIIS and a new translator at SEGA. Sachi shares with … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 10

The Challenges of Managing Diverse Languages – with David Mohr Have you ever wonder what it is like to manage different unique languages in which you have yet to develop full proficiency? David Mohr, an international quality engineer at Adobe, is responsible for supporting 26 languages and dealing with internationalization-related issues in adobe products. In … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 9

Working as a Production Manager – with Thomas Huang In this episode, we explore the responsibilities and challenges of a product manager with Thomas Hung who is a project management lead at West cost operation. Production Management is a multifaceted role that requires a person to develop multiple core competencies. If you are curious about … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 8

Issues at the End of the Chain – with Kayla Muñoz Freelance translation and interpretation is no walk in the park. Not every project is straight-forward and not all project managers are created equal. Listen in as Salim Martell (May 2020 graduate of the Translation and Localization Management Program at MIIS) and Chiyo Mori (Japanese … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 7

Work-Life Balance – with Kayla Muñoz How can you balance your social life and employment while functioning in the Localization industry? Listen in as Vanessa Prolow and Lina Yan Ning (both 2020 graduates from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies) discuss balance with Kayla Muñoz, a localization manager at Desmos, a math software developer. You … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 6

Global Voices Where Speech Technology Meets Localization – with Alicia Dominick In this podcast, Sherine Emara, Nadya Rodionova, Kimberly Zie interviewed MIIS alumna, Alicia Dominick, who is a Linguist and Project Manager at SoundHound. They discuss Alicia’s path from linguist to project manager and she gives tips on how to be a versatile, team player. … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 5

Global Talents and Technology – with Marie Flacassier and Burckhardt Rueffer Everyone’s journey into the localization industry is distinct. Join Kaixin as she discusses career paths with Marie Flacassier, the co-founder and COO of BeatBabel, and Burckhardt Reuffer, co-founder and CEO of BeatBabel, a translation and localization company based in San Diego, California. As veterans … Read more

Speed Bumps Episode 4

Challenges in Getting Funding – with Silvia Avary-Silveira Silvia Avary-Silveira, Head of Localization at Juniper Networks, describes the challenges of getting funding with hosts Silvia Pinheiro and Alex Ladd (Translation and Localization Management 2020 graduates from MIIS). They discuss strategies on how to petition funding from stakeholders and their potential speedbumps. Listen in to learn … Read more