Explore the wild world of localization as the next generations pack their bags to travel the industry of localization, seeking out insights from localizers who shed light on this still new and ever growing industry. Join us as we talk with localizers from regions and cultures all over the world on topics pertaining to localization, the language industry, and more! 

Art work by Ruby Lee

Take a plunge into the depths of localization and leave no stone unturned with our Deep Dive segment. Just like our ocean, there’s a lot of localization yet to be seen, and Deep Dive aims to expand on specific topics in the language industry by providing a platform for experts to discuss in every detail what they know best. 

Don’t have time to go for a deep swim? Then quick bite-size insights for the rising-localizer, Speed Bumps, will help slow you down enough to pick up a few tidbits on localization. You will be up to date on the current state of the industry and the ideas currently impacting it.