Hot off the press! ROAR is expanding to the literary world with the hope of not only connecting those entering the localization industry with insights and other fellow localization professionals, but also to have the localization community connect with one another through storytelling, articles, and art. We hope that this magazine can offer the support and space needed from anyone in the localization industry or those who would like to see insights of what localization is and has to offer. 

Art work by Ruby Lee

#AskaLocalizer allows Localization Project Managers (LPMs), Desktop Publishers (DTPers), engineers, and more to answer questions about the ever changing language service industry. Project Showcase displays the work of students who have incorporated what they’ve learned with other interests. And when ready, students can step out into the industry, attending events and volunteering to experience the rush first-hand. Comics & Art is a place for those who would like to share their stories through a visual format. Articles share both a variety of written topics in the industry and the thoughts of those who attended events such as conferences, adding insight from the localization perspective to those in the industry planning to attend similar events in the future. If you’re new to the industry and need help recognizing acronyms like TMS or DTP, check out our Localization Terminology page to get up to speed on terminology used in the localization sphere!

We hope these articles, stories, and art can provide enough answers to make way for new questions. For those joining to read and listen we hope to offer you something new or give you the space to share your thoughts and voice with ROAR.