Unicode Technology Workshop 2023

MIIS classrooms were conspicuously more empty the days during which the Unicode Technology Workshop transpired at Google’s Sunnyvale campus. So do we get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of the latest and cutting edge of everything Unicode-related hosted by one of the world’s top tech companies? Absolutely!

Takeaways from the XTM Live Event

By Aurora Wang Aurora Wang is a MA Candidate in Translation and Localization Management (Class of 2023) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). The XTM Live event was my first ever in-person experience where I got to partake in meaningful conversations on the future of the localization industry. Although seasoned localization … Read more

Design Considerations: Japan and the US

By Kyle Chow As linguistic and cultural experts, translators often recognize there are major design differences between the same content in different languages. Although this may be quite obvious to some, many don’t recognize the importance of adaptation beyond the linguistic text. I just watched through the recording of a virtual event held by btrax … Read more

Humor in the Entertainment Industry

BY GRIZELDA AMBRIZ Introduction It seems the humor in comedy, commercials, and comics I have seen, being in the U.S, don’t always cater their humor to the cultures they are working with. For me, as a Mexican growing up in the US, humor was always lost. At times, when going through webcomics or tv shows, I … Read more