Episode 1

The Challenges of Continuous Localization – with Melvin Su In our first installment of the Speed Bumps series, Ghio Anton (Translation & Localization Management, Class of 2020) sits down with Melvin Su of Autodesk to discuss the various challenges of “CL,” or continuous localization. Continuous Localization is an approach where various localization processes, such as … Read more

2021 – 2022 Team

Grizelda AmbrizProject Manager Grizelda Ambriz was born in California but raised between Mexico and California allowing them to fully immerse themselves in two cultures. As a latinx between two cultural identities they studied Chicano History and Spanish at the University of California, Davis where they explored the concept of localization and translation while working for … Read more


ROAR is a podcast produced by the Translation and Localization Management program of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Every first and third Thursday of the month, we bring together voices from all walks of the localization life to give their perspectives on the past, present, and future of the industry. But these … Read more

2020 – 2021 Team!

Danlin Zhao Danlin Zhao was born and raised in Beijing, China, but she has been exposed to different cultural shocks at an early stage of her life in her visit to a partner school at London in elementary school and in the performances with the school choir at Rome and Milan in junior high school. … Read more

Deep Dive

These pieces aim to take a plunge into the depths of localization and leave no stone unturned. Our larger format podcasts aim to expand on specific topics pertaining to localization and the language industry in general by providing a platform for experts to discuss in every detail what they know best.Here, the interviews are tailored … Read more

Speed Bumps

Bite-size insights for the localizer on the go. In these pieces, we discuss the current state of the industry, as well as the different topics and ideas that are currently impacting it. Episode 1 The Challenges of Continuous Localization – with Melvin Su In our first installment of the Speed Bumps series, Ghio Anton (Translation … Read more

Roar Founders

Anna Cho Anna is an English-Korean translator and a localization specialist with a decade long experience in various domains of IT, agriculture, international trade, finance, economy, journalism, and tourism.Looking back, her experience as a volunteer interpreter at an orphanage in Yanji, China served as a turning point in her life and helped her realize the … Read more

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We’d like to extend our gratitude to both Ren Yi for the Chinese translation of our Chinese website and Salim Martell for the Spanish translation of the Spanish website. Thanks to their efforts, ROAR can be heard around the world!

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