2023 – 2024 Team

Yijun Guo
Project Manager

Yijun Guo has a passion to learn just about anything. She loves animals, succulents, fruit tea, and noodles. Yijun enjoys the frenzy bursts of energy when she does project management: things might go wrong and you have to watch out and fix things! She always seeks ways to see potential in others and bring out the best of them. With a strong empathy, Yijun is there to listen and offer sincere help at any time.

Yiqing Lu
Podcast Outreach Lead

Yiqing, originally from China, is currently in her second year as a TLM student at the MIIS. With a passion for travel and a deep appreciation for nature, she finds inspiration in exploring diverse cultures and environments.

Driven by a desire to connect with professionals in the localization industry, Yiqing eagerly joined ROAR, recognizing it as an invaluable platform to expand her network and gain insights into various career paths. She believes ROAR offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge to advance the field collectively.

Yuxuan Lai
Interview Coordinator

Coming from China, Yuxuan is now learning Translation and Localization Management at MIIS. She speaks Mandarin, English, and French. She’s always driving diversity and welcoming voices from different culture backgrounds. Feel free to contact her at yl17@middlebury.edu to exchange life stories.

Sarah Tesfasion
Web Specialist

With a background in scientific instrument development and French, Sarah is passionate about using technological tools to adapt content for different linguistic and cultural communities. As Web Specialist for ROAR magazine, she has been able to explore this passion while working alongside classmates, gaining practical experience on a diverse team, and providing resources for localization industry professionals. In her free time, she enjoys live music, exploring natural areas, and crochet.​

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