Roar Founders

Anna Cho

Anna is an English-Korean translator and a localization specialist with a decade long experience in various domains of IT, agriculture, international trade, finance, economy, journalism, and tourism.
Looking back, her experience as a volunteer interpreter at an orphanage in Yanji, China served as a turning point in her life and helped her realize the fact that she could help people by utilizing her linguistic skills. Due to this experience and her love for learning languages and different cultures, she studied translation and interpretation and has traveled to more than 20 countries so far. Now the passion for the localization industry has brought her back to school and Anna is currently studying localization management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS).
The organizations and companies she used to work for include the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the South Korean government, Bloomberg LP and the Korea Tourism Organization.

Rebecca Guttentag

Rebecca is an English-Japanese localization specialist with a dedicated passion for entertainment media and games localization. What began as a simple eagerness to learn about Japan as a child led her to pursue Japanese language and culture studies in college, which then in turn led to 4 years spent as an Assistant Language Teacher in Beppu City, Japan with the JET Program. There she worked as a liaison for the Beppu City Hall’s Department of Education, working in both translation & interpretation in order to organize cultural events and enrich her local community. With a heavy heart, she left her second home of Japan to return to America for her Masters Degree in Localization Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. Her internship with the LSP Supertext USA, as well as opportunities within her classes, her Graduate Assistantship for the first-year Desktop Publishing, Audio/Visual, and Website Localization courses, and her practicum project for Globe Multilingual have all given her ample opportunity to take that appreciation for localization and turn it into future career opportunities in the industry.

Charlotte Zhu

Charlotte Zhu was born and raised in Shanghai, China, a city that planted the first seed of interests in cultural diversity and internationalization in her heart. She did her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Japanese at UC Berkeley, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Translation and Localization Management at MIIS. Charlotte appreciates the excitement which the fast-changing localization industry brings for it challenges her to constantly learn new things. She is used to work in a fast-paced, self-initiated environment and believes that well localized content is integral to creating a pleasant user experience for the international audience. When not working, she likes to try out new recipes, jam with human friends and hike with furry friends.

Mateusz Sasinowski

Mateusz is a polyglot (six and counting!) born in Poland who spent a decade in China and decided to become a Chinese person – and failed. He likes sitting in cafés and guessing what foreign language people are speaking around him. He cherishes his bonds with China (where he fell in love), Japan (where he hitchhiked extensively and stayed in zen temples), Thailand (where he practiced muay thai), and is always hungry for more.
He has decided to turn his passion into a more serious career, and what better place to do so than the multicultural world of the localization industry. He likes to ask “why”, and play with code until it breaks – all in pursuit of better solutions. His sense of humor is somewhat offbeat, but still socially acceptable. He likes the sense of immense satisfaction felt when he makes people from different cultures communicate and do things together. He thinks that makes the world a better place.

Carmen Romano

Carmen is a localization specialist and diver from Mexico with a love for art, nature, and, of course, languages.
Her home country is full of different and exciting cultures, which made her develop a deep curiosity for the languages and people around her and all that diversity that makes the world more exciting. This passion eventually found her a place within Localization, where she has met amazing people from all over the world and found a newly-developed interest for technology and the complexity of speaking in a local voice!

Megan M. Murphy

Meg is an English<>Spanish localization professional with extensive experience in Vendor Management. Born in Utah, but raised in Minnesota, she is a small-town girl at heart, but the city does not phase her. She is a management powerhouse. She graduated from BYU-Provo with a BA in Spanish Translation, and two minors in Localization and Global Business in April 2019. Her love of music and leadership skills lead her to become president of the BYU A Cappella Club where she managed events, performances, music publications, and meetings for more than 100 club members. She will complete her MA in Translation and Localization Management in May 2020. Watch out world!

Josue Padilla

Josue is currently pursuing an M.A. in Translation & Localization Management from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. Prior to pursuing an M.A., he received a B.A. in Chinese Language & Culture from U.C. Berkeley in 2017. Josue was a 2017 recipient of the U.S. Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship. He spent this past summer interning for the globalization team at NetApp, where he grew personally and professionally. Though he grew up in Southern California, he’s lived all over the state. His hobbies include taking photos, watching movies/Netflix, and studying up on languages. A fun fact Josue? He has been playing the alto sax for about 6 years! Though it’s been a while since he’s last played, he still enjoys listening to the jazz tunes that inspired him to play in the first place.